April 28, 2014


Call it a coincidence, but I call it a DESTINY!!! 
After more than 10 years being in constant love with Robbie Williams I managed to be on a two dates (together with other 100.000 ppl) in less than a year <3 Last summer in Vienna and this time in PRAGUE!!! 

This time - more leisured back. More relaxed and no awkwardness. You know, second date ;-))) We had a pre-party with my friends and Robbie's fans, we might have had some more wine than needed, then rushing to the metro and up into the front still dancing and singing making all other people miserable (just how happy we were). We ENJOYED ourselves and Robbie's company, 'cos he doesn't come around that often (after 10 years back to Prague!!!).

Completely feeling like trying to get some ticket for his next show somewhere in Vienna or even Australia!! Swing both ways completely got me - both ways!!! 

How about you guys? Any Robbie's fan out there?? Share your stories? Did you get on a stage with him? Because that's the number one dream for me - still not happening - no cleavage, what can I say?! LOL

Have a happy week!!!

Lenka, xox

PS: Photos, courtesy of my dear friend Sophie who managed to bring with her a camera :))) THANKS!

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  1. Bless, am happy you got to go doll, so great!! Looks like a marvellous time. Wonderful pictures too :)) x


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