April 27, 2014


Hello beauties,

You all know that sometimes it's unavoidable and also impossible to pack your whole day into one single handbag without wanting to have arms like orangutan from carrying it all with you around the town while working, catching the metro then tram and once again metro back, having lunch and rushing to the university. Not mentioning that sometimes you go and have a drink or two after the work. BUT let's face it. Those days happen and we, working girls, need to be ready!

So I put on my new Adidas Racer Sneakers and rush into the day fully armed with black handbag and Ray Bans - because we need to stay cool during the all occasions, right? And while I am walking down the street, ok maybe almost running, I have my high heels comfortably in my bag. Because who has time for slow lady-like pace? Certainly not in these days in the streets of Prague, which were built ages ago when women probably didn't wear heels or didn't have to walk in them. SO NOT FAIR!

But I slip into them once I exit the elevator in my floor at work, find my table, turn on the PC and boil water for a cup of green tea. That's the time when I turn into the chick PR girl!

How about you girls? How do you handle the fast world we all live in? Proudly in heels or like me more comfortably in flat sneakers? Share with me - I am all ears!

Lenka, xx

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