July 13, 2014


First of all - SORRY! To all of you or maybe just to the two of you - I've been absent (and not only minded), but now trying to win you all back - AGAIN!

I promised to my friend Csilla (who's currently in Mexico and blogging for you at themoreIsee), that I'll come back to blogging and keep her and you updated on the tiny details of my life and summer in Prague. As I like to say and repeat myself - life happened and here I am on Sunday evening typing these lines for you, which I should have done weeks ago.

So here is my first part of my first holiday trip - apart from traveling back to Slovakia, which simply doesn't count for the reason being - to Karlsbad, a.k.a. Karlove Vary - very Russian and very posh town in the Western part of Bohemia. My friends and colleagues from work took a trip to this town for the International Film Festival but in the end we haven't seen any movie. Instead we decided to stroll around the city and take some other trip - about which I'll tell you for sure tomorrow (now when I finally have some snaps, I need to divide them and save them so you and I will have a motivation to come here again :))

Hope all of you are having a fab summer evening and are fully regenerated to kick off another week!

Have a happy one!

Lenka, xx

Because no one likes still life pictures...

This picture with the shopping window was made due to its reference to the zodiac signs. For those who know me better, you all know about my obsession with horoscopes - LOL.

Horse and I - both smiling and laughing!

One cannot leave Karlove Vary without having one....


  1. Wonderful pictures, welcome back doll. I hope you have a gorgeous summer :) xx


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