July 14, 2014


Hello lovelies!

As I promised you the last time, I am coming back with the second part of the summer weekend delight. This time from Marianske lazne (google it!), which is another fancy spa town close to the borders with Germany. This time no spa for us, but next time I will not be that strong to say NO! 

What can I tell you about this trip? How we got lost, drove on a super tiny road, saw beautiful landscape and then in the end the GPS was really right and brought us to our final destination? Oh well, I have to admit, I was skeptical...;-)

We walked around, breathed fresh air and pretended that time didn't exist. Or maybe it really doesn't when you're surrounded my your soul-mates, friends and basically your second you - as I like to call Lucka, due to our identical and impeccable taste in almost EVERYTHING :D

Hope you all had a happy and successful Monday! Keep on shining! 

Lenka, xxx

 Definitely not like a statue...:))

The prettiest girls!

Kiss kiss - bang bang! They love me, can't blame them :D

 Girls found some suitable gentlemen...

He really didn't follow me, tho.. ://

Fancy lady!

Let's get lots..


  1. Such great and fun photos. It's nice to just enjoy yoru surroundings without worrying about time.
    :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Madison for stopping by!! Was a grand wknd indeed :)

  2. These look wonderful, what a gorgeous place :)) xx


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