July 17, 2014


Hello summer beauties!

I don't know why but today the whole day I was living a dream and fantasy that it's actually FRIDAY! And guess what?! It's NOT - sadly :( 

Summer time in Prague is grand. All those open air movies, parties and drinks. On Tuesday we went with my friends and co-workers for a summer cinema at the river side. Do I have to tell you that we haven't watched the first half of the movie AT ALL? That we spent it talking and drinking Aperol Spritz, which was the main drink of the event. Sitting on the blanket on a green grass - oh perfect dating place - LOL. 

And which was the movie? Italian LA VITA E BELLA. Bittersweet. A tiny bit depressing. But still sweet and funny - at certain point of view. 

What are you doing during summer evenings and night? I am desperately waiting for Friday to finally roll in, so I can check another summer movie theater - yaaay!

Have a happy happy Friday everyone!

Lenka, xx

I've told you it was all about Aperol... :)))

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