May 10, 2012

Flash forward

Had another of my flash forwards! After spending the second day at the Czech ministry of foreign affairs with such a wonderful view from one of the offices,
one simply wants to work here. I could easily imagine myself spending my days in the beautiful garden of the palace (which I am gonna introduce to you in some another post - for sure), and tiptoing the square in some fancy high heels. Oh, just keep on dreaming girl! x

Po tom, co som v Cerninskom palaci stravila druhy den som sa do neho uplne az po usi zamilovala! A hlavne do tohoto najkrajsieho vyhladu v Prahe. Uz sa vidim ako si sedim niekde v kancelarii a pozeram na hrad, alebo ako sa prechadzam v zahradach (ktore vam ukazem v neskorsej poste - urcite), alebo ako  sa klatim po spickach a na opatkoch cez namestie! Oh, len snivaj dievca! x

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