May 12, 2012

Make a wish

I got this "bracelet" from my Brazilian friend from Salvador, who made 3 knots on it, which represent 3 wishes. And I am not allowed to throw it away unless one of the wishes comes true.
So here I am, 1 and a half years later still wearing this super shabby yellow ribbon hoping and crossing my fingers for the wishes to come true. And also thinking that if only I didn't wish for super particular miracles and wished to pass economics instead - my life would be easier now, haha!
What about you, any special wishes you dream of coming true? x

Tuto zltu snurku som dostala od svojeho brazilskeho kamosa, ktory mi na nej spravil 3 uzliky, ktore reprezentuju 3 zelania, ktore som si mala zelat pocas toho ako ju viazal na moje zapastie. Hovori sa, ze si naramok nemozem dat dolu z ruky, kym sa tieto priania nesplnia. No a po 1.5 roku ju este stale nosim a modlim sa, aby sa uz nieco konecne splnilo, nakolko existuju situacie, kedy so zltou snurkou na ruke nevyzeram velmi "smart", haha. Kiezby som si vtedy zelala, aby som urobila ekonomiu, moj zivot by bol znacne jednoduchsi momentalne, hahaha.
A co vy, nejake tajne priania a zelania? x

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