June 1, 2012

1st month!!!

It was hard for me to pick up the right picture for today, as I can't make it out due to the economics exam - sucks! But one couldn't celebrate today better than with the Ritter Sport, the place where my friend Csilla and I used to spend so much time. You know, today's the 1st month anniversary of my blog!!! Congratulations to me and congratulations to you for stopping by! BIG thanks!
PS: Happy international children's day!!! x

Bolo pre mna celkom tazke najst ten spravny obrazok pre dnesok, nakolko by som velmi nemala opustat priestory styroch stien, kvoli skuske z ekonomie. Ale lepsie sa dnesok asi ani neda oslavit ako s Ritter Sportom! Miesto kde sme ja a moja kamoska Csilla zvykli chodievat tak casto. Lebo dnes je prve vyrocie tohoto blogu - 1 mesiac! Takze vsetko najlepsie mne a vsetko najlepsie Vam, za to ze sa pravidelne zastavujete a pristavujete! Velke dakujem!
PS: Vesely den deti! x

Man cannot live on chocolate alone but woman sure can.
Marzipan muffin and I - true lovestory!

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