June 16, 2012

on the boat

on the boat which reminds me a little bit on the road!
Today was extremely sunny here in Prague and besides the breakfast on the farm market and the visit to  the Kafka's Museum we have spent it on the boat. First I was a lil bit stressed about being taken by the current and ending up somewhere in the Baltic sea, but soon I realized that it was real joy and fun!
What have you done during this lovely day? x

Dnes bolo extremne slnecne a krasne pocasie tu v Prahe, a okrem toho ze sme boli na ranajkach na farmarskych trhoch a potom v Kafkovom muzeu, sme stihli ist aj na lodicky na Vltavu. Najprv to bolo pre mna trochu stresujuce, hlavne myslienka, ze nas strhne prud a skoncime niekde v Baltickom mori (tam usti Vltava, ci?), ale rychlo som si na ten pocit zvykla a zistila ze je to vlastne hrozne fajn :)
Co ste porabali Vy v tento krasny den? x

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