August 5, 2012

How free you are?

When being in the USA and driving on the highway just to get from one part of city to the other, I started thinking about freedom and if people in this country are really that free.
They say that it’s a country of unlimited choices and opportunities and that everyone is free. But then again are you that free when you can’t actually move without a car here? That you can’t even go shopping groceries without driving at least 10 minutes – if you’re lucky, of course!
On the other hand, what a good thing it is to have a metro in the city?
I was thinking about Berlin, how everyone goes green and uses bikes and walks everywhere and then I found myself in the middle of a highway going home from Hollywood, which took us one hour or more and we are still in L.A., actually.
So yeah, the freedom has many faces and personally for me it means to take a tram to go to the university and back and being able to shop anytime and anywhere I want and to travel and change states without needing to take a plane and fly over the ocean.
But this trip makes me realize to treasure this and discover that people have lots of different lives and that the distance can be measured twice - in miles or hours and that when something is near, in Europe it means it’s 10 minutes away, but in US it means that it’s at least 10 miles away.
PS: Please, take into consideration that I haven't got the driving license - so this is very subjective, haha.

Ked sme boli v USA a premiestnovanie z jedneho miesta na druhe nam stale trvalo aspon hodinu, tak som raz uprostred toho sialenstva zacala rozmyslat, ako slobodni vlastne tito ludia su a co vlastne sloboda znamena.
Hovori sa, ze Amerika je krajina neobmedzenych moznosti, a ze ludia tam maju nekonecne vela moznosti a slobodu vyberu. Ale ako slobodni vlastne su, ked len na nakup potravin musia jazdit minimalne 10 minut - samozrejme ak maju stastie!
Na druhej strane, ako dobre je mat v meste metro? Myslela som cely cas na Berlin, ako sa kazdy v meste snazi byt co najviac ekologicky a pouzivaju bicykel a ja som bola uprostred dialnice na ceste domov z Hollywoodu.
Takze ano, sloboda ma mnoho tvari a pre mna osobne to znamena, ze mozem ist elektrickou do skoly a ist si kupit zemiaky a ryzu kedykolvek sa mi bude chciet, a ked chcem ist do ineho statu, nemusim preletiet ocean.
Tento vylet ma naucil uvedomit si, ze ludia maju mnoho roznych zivotov a kazdy sa s vlastnou slobodou pasuje sam. A ako som vlastne rada, ze zijeme v meste, kde maju elektricku! Ale hlavne, ze vzdialenost sa da merat dvakrat - raz europsky a sice ze ked je nieco  blizko tak je to na 10 minut a americky, ze ked je nieco blizko tak je to minimalne 10 mil vzdialene jazdy autom.
PS: Prosim, berte toto vsetko s rezervou, nemam samozrejme vodicak :)

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