November 3, 2012

Meet my friends: Csilla

Dear everyone,
Today is the day and I am about to introduce you to my dearest friend Csilla.
I know her only for a year (how absurd does it sound, when taking into consideration how close she is to me?!), we met in Berlin, when working for the same NGO and now, even tho she is Canadian with Serbian/Hunagrian roots, she is doing her PHD in lovely Budapest.
She is my inspiration when it comes to studying, sending postcards and most of all having brunches!
Please, enjoy!

What do you like for breakfast?

Depending on fruit we have at home, usually 2 different types of fruit with muesli and with milk or yogurt, which depends on if I have coffee or tea with it. When I have a tea I opt for milk and when I have a yogurt I go for a coffee. 
But today since Bastian (lovely German flatmate) have a visitor, we went for breakfast to bakery and I had a “pozsony kifli” (translation: bratislava kifli), which was a pastry with walnuts. And I thought of you :)

Today I'd like to talk with you about your passion and love for Europe. Where does it come?

In general I have a deep passion for Europe. I don’t know how I developed this passion, but during my courses at the uni and so I was always heading into this direction.
I guess that also heritage has something to do with – I am rediscovering myself in here!
And so does the European culture, history and politics, which was always appealing to me.

So why back to Budapest?

Specifically Budapest I guess, as a re-discovery of my Hungaria-ness. Obviously the university is great and my program is really good as well. In general it was a really good offer. Not forgetting to mention my family, which part is living nearby. And the proximity to you!!! Hahaha (flatteeeered)

Would you do it again?

Depends on perspective. In case of city – a thousand times YES!
But school is difficult.
I have a really good impression of people, but of course I live in the bubble, as I am constantly surrounded by foreigners at the uni. But also locals seem to be very helpful all in general.
Definitelly a plus that I speak Hungarian tho.

Köszönöm szepen for the interview!

Mili vsetci,
dnes nastal ten den D, kedy Vas zoznamujem so svojou drahou kamaratkou Csillou.
Pozname sa len rok (co znie trochu absurdne, ked vezmeme do uvahy ako sme si blizke), stretli sme sa v Berline, kde sme pracovali pre rovnaku NGO, a teraz aj napriek tomu ze je Kanadanka so srbsko-madarskymi korenmi, je momentalne studentkou PHD v Budapesti.
Je mojou inspiraciou nie len v studiu a posielani pohladnic, ale najma v ranjkovych bruncoch :)
Nech sa paci!

Co si rada das na ranajky?

Zavisi to na ovoci, ake mame doma. Zvycajne si nakrajam dva druhy ovocia s muesli a s mliekom alebo s jogurtom. To zalezi na tom, ci si dam k ranajkam kavu alebo caj. Ak je to kava, tak jem muesli s jogurtom, a ak je to caj tak si ich dam s mliekom.
Ale napriklad dnes, nakolko tu ma Bastian (velmi mily spolubyvajuci z Nemecka) navstevu, sme boli v jednej pekarni a ja som mala "pozsony kifli" (preklad: bratislavsky rozok), s vlasskymi orechami. A myslela som na Teba :)

Dnes by som s Tebou rada hovorila o Tvojej vasni pre Europu. Odkial prameni?

Vo vseobecnosti mam obrovsku vasen pre tento kontinent. Neviem ako sa to vo mne vyvinulo, ale uz od skoly vsetky moje kurzy smerovali tymto europskym smerom.
Taktiez aj dedicstvo, ktore v sebe nesiem, s tym ma nieco spolocne - znovu sa tu objavujem!
A tak isto aj europska kultura, historia a politika mi su blizke srdcu.

A preco prave Budapest?

Myslim, ze specificky Budapest kvoli moznosti znovu-objavenia mojej "madarskosti". Ocividne univerzita je velmi dobra a program ktory studujem taktiez. Vseobecne to bola velmi dobra ponuka, ktora sa neodmieta. A samozrejme nesmiem zabudnut na rodinu, ktora zije blizko. A tak isto som teraz aj blizsie k Tebe!!! hahaah (och, poctaaa)

Sla by si do toho znovu?

Zalezi to na uhle pohladu. Ked ide o mesto - tisickrat ANO!
Ale skola je velmi tazka.
Ludia, ktorych tu stretavam na mna urobili velky dojem, ale samozrejme netreba zabudnut na to, ze zijem v akejsi bubline zahranicnych studentov, s ktorymi sa stretavam na skole. Ale tak isto aj miestni su velmi napomocni. Napomocny je ale ten fakt, ze hovorim madarsky.

Köszönöm szepen za rozhovor!



  1. She is very, very , very pretty :)
    Follow each other?

    1. Yaaay, indeed, thanks!
      And of course - gladly :)

  2. What a great interview, shes sounds like a focused and very interesting individual! x

  3. Wow--she is going for her PHD!! I am always so amazed at how persevering one must be to attain such a level of education and extremely hard work. You both are admirable women!!!!

  4. Thank you girls for your lovely comments, she really belongs among my inspiration #1 - xx

  5. Great post!
    Would you like to follow each other?!! :)


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