November 5, 2012

today's the day!

Today's the day! Oh yes, not only I've passed that freaky test I've spent the whole week preparing for (what more or less explains why I used old instagram pics I found in my phone - let's be green and recycle!), BUT what's even more important is: Robbie Williams launched new album TODAY!
So guess what am I doing just now? Oh yes, sitting here with Robbie by my side (ok, this is just a wishful thinking) but I am sitting here, writing to you and listening to him. 
So far - so good! What do you think? Are you also as BIG fan as I am? 

"We all tried to be on top of the world - somehow." -Losers-

Dnes je ten DEN! Oh ano, nie len to, ze som presla tym hroznym testom z ekonomie, na ktory som sa pripravovala cely tyzden (co viac menej vysvetluje moju absenciu na blogu a recyklaciu instagramovych fotiek, ktore som nasla dnes ked som sa prehrabavala v elektricke cestou do skoly v mobile), ALE hlavne je dnesok dolezity, lebo: Robbie Williams vydal KONECNE novy album!
Takze mozete trikrat hadat, co teraz robim. Ano, sedim tu, pijem novy vianocny caj, pisem pre Vas prispevok a Robbie mi to tu vsetko sprijemnuje.
Zatial mozem povedat len, ze ide mu to dobre:)
Poculi ste ho uz? Ste aj Vy taki velki fanusikovia, ako ja?



  1. lovely post :D

    xx m

  2. nice pics!

    1. Thank you girls, I fully appreciate each and every comment! x


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