November 8, 2012

on the train

Today's post is going to be a lil bit educational. As many of my friends are always asking how does it actually look like in a sleeping compartment in a train, I've decided that I am going to show you all!
My journey from Prague to my hometown Kosice, in Slovakia, takes around 10 hours, so it's more comfortable to take a sleeping train.
Here you can see 3 beds above each other. It's like a 3-bed-bunk bed - in a way!

Dnesny prispevok bude tak trochu vzdelavaci. Vela mojich kamaratov sa ma stale pyta, ze ako to vyzera v spacom vozni vo vlaku, a tak som sa dnes rozhodla, ze Vam to ukazem rovno vsetkym!
Moja cesta z Prahy do Kosic trava asi 10 hodin, a tak je pohodnejsie ist lozkom.
Ako mozete vidiet, kupe vyzera ako keby tam bola trojita poschodova postel!

You can naturally lock it!

Prirodzene sa zamyka!

There's also a space to hang your clothes!
Don't know if you can recognize the ladder in the background, but one can use it to climb up to the 3rd bed.

Je tu aj miesto kam si zavesit saty!
Neviem, ci dokazete rozoznat rebrik v pozadi, ale moze sa pouzit na to, aby sa dotycny dostal do najvrchnejsej postele.

Something like a bathroom, if you open it up, there will be a small sink so one can brush the teeth.

Nieco ako "kupelna", ked sa otvori ten stolcek, je tam take male umyvadielko na umytie zubov.

And this is a very bad picture of me when already in a bed.

A toto je moja velmi nepodarena fotka, ked som uz bola v posteli.

Did I motivate you to hop on a train?



  1. This look really cool and kinda comfy for sleeping on a train! :D

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    1. Thank you Cassandra! I am sure my reader will find your note here and will support the good case! x


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