February 27, 2013

Winter Wonderland, part 2

Ok, it is probably official --> snow is gone!
But for those of you, who still refuse to admit it, I have another post full of pics from our ski vacation, with which I'll stock you up during the whole week - as we took more than googolplex of them - lol.
In case you wanna improve your geography of Slovakia, try to google Zuberec and you'll find the tiny village we stayed in. For the rest of you, who are not geo-freaks, here are some more pics of my family, friends and snow!

Ok, myslim ze je to oficialne --> sneh je prec!
Ale pre tych, ktori sa tejto myslienky odmietaju vzdat tu mam dalsi prispevok plny snehu z nasich jarnych prazdnin na lyziach, s ktorym Vas asi budem zasobovat po cely tyzden, nakolko sme nafotili asi milion fotiek - haha.
Pre tych z Vas, ktori maju potrebu zlepsit si svoju geografiu, skuste vygooglit Zuberec a najdete miesto, kde sme byvali - malu dedinku na Orave, ktora je poznacena turistickym ruchom :D
Pra Vas ostatnych, ktori sa zaobidete bez toho, aby ste vedeli presne lokalizovat Zuberec, su tu pre Vas fotky nasej rodiny, priatelov a snehu!
Tak si ich uzite!

My brother and my cousin - I told them to stand next to each other so I can snap the pic! LOL

Moj brat a moj bratranec - ulohou bolo, aby sa postavili k sebe - haha

View to the top - of course we didn't ski there!

A pohlad na hor do zlabu, kde sme my samozrejme nelyzovali!

And another group picture while the sun was shining!

Attention! The danger of avalanche! 

Lavinove nebezpecenstvo - uz dlho sme na jarnych prazdninach nemali TOLKO snehu!



  1. Cool photos!This place looks amazing!
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    1. Thanks sweety! Also for the possibility for my readers to join the giveaway 8-)

  2. What a beautiful photos and location! I really want to go on wintersport sometime, never did before!! :O

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    1. Thanks a lot Levi! All comments make me happy :)

  3. The white powdery wonderland is exquisitely beautiful! You look adorable in your snowboarding outfit!
    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. Thanks Lauren! Unfortunately snow is melting down now :-/


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