July 8, 2013

Let's make it an unforgettable summer moment!

This is certainly not the first post I am dedicating to Pandora and my addiction, when it comes to collecting new charms. This year's collection with cherry flowers is especially beautiful and it was sold out all over in Prague. But hey, come to Kosice - we still have some cherry blossoms here:)
Especially this summer is or better should be unforgettable one as it is probably the last super long holiday I am gonna have. Before the craziness of job hunting and then actually working and living start! So I am inviting you all to join me in on this mission when days get longer and hair get lighter!

Toto nie je ani prva, a ani posledna posta, ktoru tu venujem Pandore a zavislosti, ktorej som podlahla pri zbierani stale novych a novych priveskov. Tohtorocna kolekcia ceresnovych kvetov je ale obvzlast podarena a bola vypredana po celej Prahe. Ale pridte do Kosic - tu este stale kvitnu nejake tie ceresnove kvety:)
Nezabudnutelne by malo byt specialne toto leto, lebo sa obavam, ze je to posledne leto kedy si budem moct uzit dlhe prazdniny. Posledne leto pred tym, ako sa zacne ten kolotoc okolo hladania si prace, a potom nasledne pracovania a zitia samotneho. A tak vas pozyvam a vyzyvam vsetkych, aby ste sa ku mne pridali a uzili si toto dobrodruzstvo, kedy su dni stale dlhsie a vlasy stale svetlejsie!


Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me! x