February 27, 2014


Hello beauties, followers and friends!

It's been almost a week ever since I came back from Vienna and somehow life happened and I didn't really had that much time to post about this priceless experience. So here I am now - writing few lines about my empirical research on the best cakes in Vienna cafes.

It's no secret to any of you that I am in love with everything sweet, more precisely with those kind of afternoons when you go out have a cake and coffee with your BFF and just purely enjoy life. Well, that's what I'd been doing for last week. And let me tell you: I LOVED IT!! My new fav place happened to be Cafe Central. My dear friend Polona introduced us and I fell in love. Immediately. It's not only about cakes and coffee, but about the atmosphere itself, live piano music and big painting of Sissi. 

We've tried Apfelstrudel, Klimt's Surprise, Winter Kiss and many more. Eventually we also made it to the famous Sacher Eck right next to the Hotel Sacher and had some of its delights. Polona and Bojan were so kind that they've included me into their Valentine's Day, which made me super happy as I was spending almost the whole day on my own :) Thank you once again! 

Yes, yes, I know. Vienna is not only about good food. And yes, we also tried to be tiny bit cultural. So my new friend Beth and I decided to explore Belvedere Palace, which was beyond perfection. Oh boy, I really wouldn't mind spending some more time there. We've visited Wien-Berlin exhibition about the paintings from 19. - 20. century made in Berlin or Vienna and can only recommend to visit it as well, once you're in Vienna, 'cos it's so grand! 

To point out several other things which I've learned during my stay in Vienna, let me sum up: I discovered who Ludwig Wittgenstein was, where he lived and what he built. Also found out about Karl Popper's research on white and black swans. How ontology and epistemology really works. What really is verification and falsification. But most of all that Vienna really is more than tiny bit marvelous!

So thank you everyone who made this week special and great, to name the few of you: Polona, Bojan, Beth, Annika, Laura, Cristina,... and many many more. And most certainly P.T.J. :))

Lenka, xx


  1. What a beautiful place...I've never been, but this makes me want to go :)) Wonderful buildings and great looking food too...that is important ;D Am glad you enjoyed yourself doll xx

    1. Thanks doll! Can only recommend Vienna to everyone - if you're looking for a weekend gateway or full week holidays, Vienna is the place to be! x

  2. Just stop it...so jealous of your trip. Great pics, too. Can't wait to see more!

  3. thank you for these Vienna pics... miss these place so much!
    p.s.= Cafè Central is really an experience not only a good cafè...

    1. Yeeey it's great that you girls are sharing my excitement about Cafe Central!!! Was SOOO happy when I discovered it!! Immediately wanted to become a regular there, LOL. xx


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