February 14, 2014


Hello all of you happy faces!

It's Friday - finally -  and I am in Vienna (again!). Kinda wish it was some other city now, but I am super happy, 'cos I am about to meet up with my long time friends, Polona and Bojan, very very soon! In fact, I believe that Polona is already on her way while I am writing those lines from Starbucks, where  I took myself on a proper Valentine's date. Just me and me! Who else do we need? LOL

Being in Vienna, I am part of the Winter School of Methods and Techniques, because my mentor decided that it's never enough of methodology. BUT besides all of those software statistic courses and methodology courses, what I am really trying to embrace is the love for myself and the others. Not only trying to be my best friend but also to be a best friend for others. To be there for them when needed, to offer a valuable advice and always have something kind and nice to say.

Valentine's day is not only for couples! It's for EVERYONE WHO'S IN LOVE WITH LIFE!! That's how I look at this day and that's how I do celebrate it. With friends and coffee I love in a city I adore!

How about you? What are your stereotypes and cliches when speaking of the Day of Love? Share with me :)

With love,

Lenak, xx

PS: This is the view at the Votivkirche in Vienna, I was having lunch just nearby and was mesmerized by it! 


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends doll & I think Valentine's day is for all people, because love is for everyone!! I hope your's is filled with lots of love, have a great weekend xx

    1. Thank you doll for your sweet words! Hope you had a lovely day as well :)) x

  2. I agree that isn't just for couples! (:

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  3. Well said. I agree with you! Would you like to follow each other? Please let me know if you're interested. Latest post on my blog is OOTD: Blue & Black

    Louisa Moje

    1. Louisa, thanks for stopping by and sharing with us! Indeed, let's do it! :)


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