February 11, 2014


Let's face it. To be unemployed has actually a lot more advantages than disadvantages. Or at least I keep on telling this to myself. Daily. I know, I know the BIGGEST weakness of unemployment is actually no income. But keep on looking on the bright site of the problem and count with me:

1. Slow morning - every morning. And not only on Sunday. I have time to sleep in, relax, pilates and smoothie. All things which in fact take time and are not really on your list when hurrying to work. 

2. I have time to think and plan my balanced life. Or at least to work on better life. Not only to care more about what am I eating physically, but also psychically. Food for thought became my daily pleasure. I keep on bookmarking interesting articles and yes, of course, planning on sharing them with you :)

3. Time to think of and set up my own little projects. I know it includes a lot of risk and external support not only from my family and friends but also from all the other people around. Having more time I came across loads of interesting people on internet, who were actually studying something diametrically different from what they are doing right now and oh boy, they are so great in making invitations, online courses or daily excersices. Real inspiration! 

4. Socialista lifestyle! Oh yes, being available almost all day long brings loads of opportunities to hang out and meet up with friends and people I haven't seen in a while. Or just with my friends, when they finish earlier at work, just ring me and yes, I meet them in a local cafe and I am super happy. On the other hand, it also includes a lot of days when I am my own best friend. When everyone around is working and my first words of the day are for a lady at the counter in a grocery or post office. 

5. And the most important especially in FEBRUARY is that I can watch OLYMPICS ALL DAY LONG!!! Basically it is the second thing I do in the morning - I turn on my telly. (The first thing is to put water in the kettle to boil.) So my favorite perk of being unemployed especially in February is, that I can sit here with you, write some nonsense and sometime sense sentences and watch snowboarding! Cheers for you guys over there in Sochi!

So here is my secret life on a PhD student, who hasn't really have that much on work, keep on procrastinating on Pinterest and watching Olympics! For now I gotta go, as I have a lunch date with my friend. Have fun guys and share your thoughts on happy life! 

Lenka, xx

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