March 28, 2014


You can all me crazy, silly, insane... It's totally up to you, because one of my little dreams when being employed was to have meal voucher for lunch (the others are to have my own business cards and to attend a company's x-mas party - they haven't come true YET). AND guess what just came true?? 

YES YES YES, I certainly won't be hungry next month, because we just got our meal ticketsss!!! Happy times coming! I have a strategy, because I can either eat lunch every day in a different restaurant - but only the cheap lunch menu OR I can save up my meal tickets and have a BIG and PROPER breakfast / lunch / dinner at the fancy place (see Cafe Imperial) once in a week! LOL You can follow my thoughts quite easily and come to the conclusion without me spilling all the beans for you here.

Well, ON SUNDAY I AM IN LOVE - just wait for it.

Hope you all had a happy and lucky Friday and that the weekend will be full of joy!

Bisoussss, Lenka

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