March 27, 2014


And again almost 2 weeks long break from my blogging! Sorryyyy - AGAIN! It's hard to be a working woman, what can I say :D

But last weekend I had my friends from Slovenia, who now live in Vienna here with me in Prague and we did some proper touristic sightseeing as none of them has been to the city before. Or better said, we tried until it started raining and we got stuck. But still tried to get the most of it, had a lovely dinner and drinksss. And then breakfast, a very long breakfast which actually turned into brunch and then into lunch and it was still raining cats and dogs and was cold, but we had a grand time!

With Polona girl on the Old Town Square - still no sign of rain, what a wonderful spring day, we thought!

Messing around with Bojan at the castle. 

And here are my cupcakes!!! This is love in real life. And I am sure if you are about to look up love in the picture dictionary this picture might me one of the explanations! Feeling really blessed to know them both.

Thank you for visiting! Was my pleasure to host you. Hopefully next time you come, I'll have a proper double bed ready for youuuu :o)))

How about you, dear friends, do you like to have friends around as much as I like to? Share with me your stories, I'd love to hear them all!

Lenka, xx


  1. This looks like a really lovely time. I love the surroundings :) xx

    1. Thaaaanksss!!! The castle is just magical!!! (sadly almost all the time full of tourist) - surprisingly LOL xx


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