July 18, 2012

Excuse moi - but are we in USA?

But really, are you sure, we are still in USA? As far as I don't remember crossing the ocean, I assume we still have to be in America. But what does it all have to do with London Bridge?
So let me tell you the story I found out. It was back in 1967 when 2 crazy rich American entrepreneurs bought the London Bridge in London. English people of course thought that nothing can be done when Americans buy our bridge?! But that was a big mistake! They dismantled it and moved to Arizona, in the middle of the desert. Where afterwards rose the Lake Hawasu City. Voila!
So yeah, this is the story behind the London Bridge. What does it mean for us? When you are super rich you can even buy a bridge and stone by stone transport it from continent to continent, because you just feel like having a London Bridge in Arizona :)
What I can tell you is, that it was super hot again. This was the second time I've decided that I really don't wanna go to Egypt if it's so hot in there! It was so hot that I couldn't even bare to move from our AC-ed room to the swimming pool! So you can imagine!
All right for now! This is one of the last sightseeing posts I am doing now, because there's so much more about USA than sightseeing. Should write you something about shops, people and food soon - deal? Let me know! x

Ale ste si vazne isti, ze sme este stale v USA? Pokial si ale dobre pamatam, ocean sme este nekrizovali, takze to musi byt pravda! Ale ako je potom mozne, ze je tu aj London Bridge?
Takze podme si to dat na tu pravu rovinu! V roku 1967 dvaja ultra sprachateli Americania nemali co robit a tak si od samej tej rozkose rozhodli kupit London Bridge v Londyne. Anglicanom to nevadilo, ved co by asi tak Americania mohli s tym mostom urobit?! No nic, len ho kompletne rozobrat a preniest do Arizony, do uprostred nicoho! A potom okolo neho vybudovat vyletne stredisko - Lake Hawasu. Voila a je to!
Takze toto je teda pribeh, co sa skryva za London Bridge. Co to pre nas ale znamena? Ze ked je niekto super bohaty, tak si moze kupit aj most a potom ho kamen po kameni preniest do USA alebo aj do Azie, ako sa mu len bude chciet!
Co Vam ale poviem ja o Lake Hawasu je, ze je tam hrozne teplo! Bol to presne druhy moment mojeho pobytu ked som samu seba utvrdila v tom, ze do Egypta sa mi nechce ist. Bolo tak teplo, ze som sa nevladala pohnut z izby do bazenu. Viete si to predstavit?!
Ale na teraz asi skoncime. Toto je jedna z poslednych postov (na teraz), ktore robim z vyhliadkovych jazd. Lebo ved na tej Amerike je toho tak vela: obchody, ludia a jedlo! Takze sa coskoro dockate aj nieco mnohotvarnejsieho! Zelam Kazdemu krasne sny a dobre rano! x

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