July 24, 2012

On the beach

I accidentally fell into the ocean and got soaked - completely! 

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Venice Beach! The place where being crazy and silly means to behave just absolutely normal. The place where coolitude and crazyness meet hand in hand. Oh yeah baby, that's Venice.
You may know this city part as the headquarter of beat generation. Or for more pop culture addicts - the place where C.J. Parker and Mitch Buchannon were running to the ocean to rescue all those people who were drowning and screaming! Oh the sweet times. Actually when I was googling how to write Buchannon and I've discovered that they were shooting Baywatch till 2001 - wow!!! The whole 12 years on TV - I didn't have a clue that it was that long. Basically I stopped watching it when I got to the primary school, haha.
Anyway, the place has the atmosphere with the skateboarders, lifeguards and everything you can imagine - we are in California, right? So don't hesitate to put on your bikinis and come to Venice - everyone is welcomed! x

Damy a pani, vitam Vas vo Venice Beach! Miesto kde sialenstvo a vystrelky su na dennom poriadku a nikto tu nevyzera normalne. Toto miesto ma svoje caro, ako by som to nazvala "coolitude". Oh yeah baby, toto je Venice.
Mozno ho spoznavate ako hlavne sidlo beatnikov. Alebo pre tych trochu viac poznacenych touto pop generaciou, tak urcite spoznate plaze po ktorych behala C.J. Parker a Mitch Buchannon a zachranovali topiacich sa z vody. Oh ano, natacal sa tu aj Baywatch. Pri tom ako som si googlila ako sa vlastne pise Buchannon, tak som objavila, ze Baywatch bol v telke celych 12 rokov, az do roku 2001 - wow! Odkedy som nastupila na zakladnu skolu, vobec som ho neregistrovala - haha.
V kazdom pripade, ma to tu vsetko svoju atmosferu - vsetci ti skateboardisti, zachranari, plavcici a vsetci cudni a divni ludia - ale toto je California predsa, ze? Takze bez obav, nahodte na seba plavky a nechajte sa pohltit davom! Kazdy je vitany! x


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