September 6, 2012

9 streets and 8 hours

The summer is almost over and I've decided to seize this opportunity and do my last gate away. Where else if not to Amsterdam, to visit my dear friend Kitty. So here's how I spent the day, trying to find my orientation in the city, while Kitty had to work:
Surprise, surprise, the morning started with the home made cappuccino with the hilly cap <3

Had the lunch at Kitty's place. Very yummie goat cheese with sun dried tomatoes sandwich! Yum Yum :)

And then I've decided to be a lil bit cultural so I found my way to Anne Frank House and...

...had to queue for a certain time. And again I was thinking that being alone in the city is such an adventure, but then again I was just the photographer of all the families and couples who wanted to capture the moment :D So here we are, in fact the whole day I was trying to find 9 streets but it took me 8 hours and no results... And then just to discover that it was over the corner from cafe where I had lunch...c'est la vie!


  1. Jeeej, skvely post! Pripomenul mi, ze mi holandsko celkom chyba a dala by som si kozi syr:) See you in October, Amsterdaaam:)

    1. Musim len povedat, ze Holandsko opat raz nesklamalo :)


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